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Saturday, December 10, 2011

i gots me a serger

I must be the luckiest girl in the world -- and I  have the best husband too. Today, I got my Hanukkah present. I think my  most favorite present ever in the history of receiving present. A Viking 200S serger. It's so cute. To top it off, I've had the past hour alone at home, going through all my patterns, scouring the internet for tutorials on fun things and I settled on an easy project: an infinity scarf, but done right. Serge the edges, braid it and finish the ends.

But my luck? My pre-threaded 3-stitch serger was NOT threaded correctly :( On my first practice stitch the needle snapped right in half. How can I explain the feeling that coursed through my body right at that moment? Picture this: You've been psyching yourself out for the best night ever. Your hair is perfect, your dress is so sparkly and awesome, eyeliner impeccable and then your babysitter never shows. That's the best way I could put it.

Now I have to wait until tomorrow (or whenever I have the time!!) to go back to Joann's and get some help on threading the serger. I opened the manual to do it alone,, I'm gonna need some help.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

i'm back -- and this time it's for real

I don't carve out time for ME. I do things as the day allows, and still I don't really see any part of it as doing something for ME. Writing used to be for me. Blogging seemed like the smart segway into doing something for ME again. But as life does it's thing, school events arise, so do colds and coughs, my husband travels and most of the routine is left to me, and sometimes I just absolutely get lazy.

But to kick-off my rejoining of things that make me happy, I dove into the underworld of the internet and googled the hell out of infinity scarf tutorials last night. I do not have the patience to strip my tees into dozens of pieces, organize into a cute little stringy scarf, then tie & sew. Nope. I wanted a scarf tonight, before dinner. I do plan to rip apart some shirts tomorrow and take the patience pill and make a few other styles, but for now, one little shirt would do. Here's my story...

One shirt, size Medium (8/10), rotary cutter

I trimmed off the bottom hem of the shirt. Then, I cut straight across the shirt from right under the arm pits. Now you have a big tube.

And streeeeettttcchhhh....I used my foot so I could also take a picture.

And loop around! Of course, had I thought of this earlier, I'd have sewn both long sides together, maybe even braided it with a white or navy shirt. I satisfied my long hiatus from making something for myself in 5 minutes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Really Neglected My Blog :(

Yup, school started for both kids and my blog fell to the wayside. Which is pretty sad considering I have tackled so many sewing and cooking projects. I wish I had photographed everything and kept better track of what I've done. Then maybe I'd get pinned on pinterest ;)

Well, I guess it's time to turn a new leaf. The camera is out and charging, ready for action. Tomorrow I'll record a little sewing project -- taking my ruffle fabric and making an upcycled dress for my daughter to wear on our upcoming vacation. Hopefully (this time!) I'll have even seams and not miss a spot, causing a gap or hole. 

And wish me luck...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School? Blah

My 8-year-old son went to school today and started 3rd grade. How on earth did that tiny bundle of goodness & baby fat become a lanky, lean and funny half boy/half man? 

When I went to give him a little kiss good bye, he leaned his head back a little, and every so quietly he said "mooom, not here", with a wink and twinkle in his eye.

And so begins the separating of baby and mommy -- and boy and mother begins. I thought I'd cry or be mournful over this new chapter, but alas I am not. So I question why...why am I not lamenting this new shift in our relationship? Because somewhere in my brain, in my heart, I knew this was coming. Did I think at 8 this would be the turning point? No, I really did believe it would be middle school. But I think I've been training myself for this, somewhere in the depths of my consciousness I've been running a marathon to toughen up whatever hurt this change was going to cause. 

As every morning goes that we keep putting off a decent hair cut, I had to remind my son that his hair needed some fixing before going to school today. We stood by the sink as I sprinkled water on his massive curls, and I did my magic by manipulating these ringlets to fall "flatter" than the mad scientist look he is now sporting. Any other day he'd take a quick look in the mirror, say thanks and take off. Not today. Today he sighed and said "Mom! This isn't my look -- stop making it flatter. I'm me and I'm puffy!" My boy is taking his first step in owning his look, his personality, himself. 

I know something big is happening in that little creation between myself & my husband, but I have yet to learn just how great and grand it will be. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Etsykids Team Member Highlight #3: Lilygiggle

***UPDATE: I just purchased some PDF patterns from Lilygiggle. I know what I'll be doing tonight***

I am a beginner sewer (and crafter....). My sewing machine does the basics and I don't own any special "feet". After the kids are tucked in, dishes are done and other vital evening tasks are accomplished, I sit down to the computer and disappear into the tunnels of tutorials and pictures in the crafting blog universe. My eyes start to blur after bookmarking page after page -- all items I hope to one day conquer with my machine.

While I abhor patterns -- measurements, exact cutting, etc -- they make me nervous and I tend to mess up project after project. I've taken to upcycling old clothing, making skirts and tops for my little 4-year-old. I'm obsessed with ruffling anything -- knits, chiffon, silks -- and then attaching the ruffles to whatever I can. But it's not always easy, figuring out how to lay the fabric and attach the ruffles and avoiding any puckering. And it's so much easier to make a little dress from an old tee -- avoiding hemming and other "straight" line issues. 

That's when I found Lilygiggle on etsy. These are sewing patterns that use your no-longer needed tees, leggings and whatever scraps you have around. While I haven't tried any of these patterns, I'm thinking that some of them must be purchased and tackled. This is my favorite: Rings-of-Ruffles skirt. I think any little lady would love to twirl all day in this skirt. Pair that skirt with the Rings-of-Ruffles pant and you're set!

For now I'll keep working on my zigzag stitch with knits and exacting my measurements so dresses aren't so big on my daughter. But next stop will be with my paypal account at Lilygiggle

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Shirring the Day Away

My answer to not cutting straight lines, sewing straight hems, and avoiding the up & downs of ironing/pining and sewing? SHIRRING!

I took my Petite Bateau racer back tank -- that I was never able to wear because my bra needs were too big for it -- and upcycled it into a shirred halter top for my daughter. I took pics, so take a look!

My Petite Bateau racer back tank...

I cut the top off and did NOT hem the top of the bottom half that would become the dress.

Just shirring along. Still trying to figure out what's easiest -- keeping the needle in and turning garment around or back-stitching and starting all over again.

Yeah, that's right! I did it, I shirred a top :)

I have been struggling with straps -- either I place them too far or too close. Solution? I cut one long length of the tank material, sewed a 1/4 seam and turned it inside out. Then looped in U shape, like below.

And here's my insanely tired and disheveled daughter modeling her new top! She wants me to wear my identical top tomorrow too :)

I Really Like This Blog...

I hate patterns. I have purchased several, opened them up and practically had the same anxiety attack I had in high school when I opened up a geometry or algebra book. I have zero idea where to start -- and I hated having to FOLD that delicate paper back up. Seriously, those patterns are written in french.

It was absolutely humbling and comforting when I found a blog most of you crafters already know about: Sew.Craft.Create. Heidi's "About Me" page was so refreshing, because I saw a REAL crafty woman who was doing it however it came to her. For all this time I thought maybe I just wasn't cut out for this torture -- measuring, cutting, terms -- I thought crafting was creative and fun! But after seeing someone who is a true crafty woman going it at blind (sort of), I was invigorated to try more things, but my way.

So wish me luck as I travel the crafting and sewing roads alone. And see what comes out on the other end...

Monday, August 8, 2011

I Freaking DID IT! Shirring...

The other night I attempted to upcycle a dress my sister gave me -- I had all my notions and all the balls to make my daughter a dress. But alas, after 3 days of seam ripping, remeasuring and sewing, I'm tossing it in. I am going to cut that dress up and make a few other items. And besides, I was taking on too much -- eyelet fabric with lining? C'mon, I haven't even figured out how to sew a straight SEAM!

But what I did learn how to do today is SHIRR! Yes, I conquered a sewing barrier that I was absolutely afraid to try. Winding a bobbin by hand with elastic thread? No problem. Sewing slowly to get straight lines for proper shirring? DID IT!

How, you must be asking, did I figure it out? After days of reading online tutorials, I found this tutorial on shirring from my new go-to blog on sewing, Ruffles and Stuff. This blog is chock full of awesome tutorials -- I understood them so that means a 6-year-old beginner can. Everything is photographed and explained beautifully.

I made one small change to these directions -- instead of drawing lines on my practice fabric, I just left my needle in the fabric, lifted the presser foot, and turned the fabric around & lined the presser foot alongside my already sewn shirred line (make sense at all??). It worked out quite well, except for the few time I lifted my eyes up to my kids and yelled at them for slamming the door...

The only step I haven't done yet, because I have zero desire to take out my iron, is the very last step of spraying water and ironing. I'll do that tomorrow...after coffee.

I made two rows, but followed those rows as guides when spacing my lines.

 A close up of leaving my needle in and turning the fabric.

YAY! I did it -- now I have to spray with water and iron. Since it's a sample piece, I'll turn it into something coming soon.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Last Night was Awful

I attempted to upcycle a dress my sister gave me. That's all the rage these days, right? So with trying to keep up with the times, I went to work last night. I could feel myself channeling all the tutorials and blogs I've been reading, mastering my own fear of my sewing machine.

The dress is a gorgeous color -- taupe/tan color, almost muddy, but really delicate. The top layer was eyelet cotton and then lined underneath. I wanted to make a little dress for my 4-year-old...I measured, pinned, cut and hit the sewing machine.

I was so excited! I was making pleats at the front top edge, I attached elastic to the back for some gathering and dimension -- I even trimmed the edges of the princess sleeves so the sleeves on this little dress would look legit. My struggle with my sewing machine was BIG -- every time I back stitched, the thread from the bobbin would double up and catch and THEN the back stitch wouldn't be even.

But I continued on...

I finished, wiped the sweat off my brow and called this little princess into the living room. YAY, let's try this puppy on...and do much dismay, the dress was a mess. The sleeves too far on her shoulders, the pleats not even looking like pleats and the front would dip and sag, obviously not fitting at all around the chest. Alas, I was defeated.

But as the sun rose this morning, I decided that I will take out all the seams and try again. I mean really try again...

Here are a few photos I took this morning. A good lesson? Start documenting everything, from start to finish, so I can always look back and see that I've grown at some point...If there's a follow of my blog that knows how to sew and can guide me to some great tutorials, please email me at mylittlenuggets at gmail dot com

 This is the front. See how I tried to pleat?? I liked the raw edge, so no hem. 
But the stitching looks awful!
This is the inside of the back of the dress. The elastic ruffle effect worked, so I think
I'll do it in the front too.
Here is the back of the dress, where the elastic was used. Much cuter and more fitted for back/chest.

Here are the sleeves. Wish I had photographed the whole sleeve, so this would make sense. These were princess/cap sleeves &  I trimmed off the hemmed edge plus 1.5" of the sleeve.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk UPDATE!

We did it! Sidewalk chalk was a huge success...and so easy. We even made a second batch today :) Here are a few of our materials: plaster of paris, powder tempera paint, measuring cup & toilet paper tubes.

The kids chose a few types of molds...

We even used food coloring to help intensify the colors -- plus, we only had black and yellow powder tempera paint.

Little fingers mixing away. 

After 24 hours, we had homemade chalk. It was trial and error: toilet paper rolls stick to the chalk, making it difficult to peel away. Ice cube trays, popsicle molds and a sandwich cutter did a great job for shapes.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Project #1: Sidewalk Chalk!

The summer has gone by without a single homemade family project! Last summer, we made playdough, fake snow, candy, cookies, gnocchi and a few other items I can't remember :(

So last night I went online and did some searching -- what could be easy and fast, and the kids didn't have to handle anything on the stove?? Sidewalk chalk! This is a ridiculously easy project and allows for room to explore the house, hands and colors.

Once the chalk dries (which should be tomorrow!) I'll photograph the final touches and post a tutorial. Hope you finish off summer with sidewalk chalk...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Etsykids Team Member Highlight #3: mindysinstitches

To kick off my blog posting -- once again -- I'm going to highlight a lovely etsykids member: mindysinstitches

Mindy's In-Stitches skirts are full of color and look like something that would twirl all day long. The belts are so fun and a refreshing break from the expected "bow belt" that you find on most handmade skirts. So please, take the time to check out mindysinstitches and favorite a few of her items. My favorite? The aqua and pink twirl skirt ;)

Summer has been a bummer :(

Many parents can't wait for the summer to start -- easy mornings, slow afternoons, BBQ dinners and delicious desserts, cocktails on the patio -- but alas, our summer has been everything but that. We've had a virus, allergy attack, canceled travel plans and more. With everything going on, My Little Nuggets has been left to the wayside, which pains me more than you can imagine.

But I'm back and hopefully have a better handle on my timing. With school starting just a few weeks away & chairing a large family fundraiser at our school, I'm hoping to post at least once a day.

Pretty soon I'll be documenting my first tutorial. Wish me luck! (I seem to ask for that a lot these days...)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Damn Sewing Machine!

Last night I almost threw my sewing machine out the window. I have been over it -- bobbin is in right, tension is right...blah blah blah. But no matter what, when I backstitch (in any stitch) then make a few more stitches, the damn thread catches on the bottom (bobbin part) and everything gets stuck. ARGH! 

During a quiet time last night -- kids in bed, husband traveling, full glass of wine -- I figured out how to make some very cute adult headbands. I was soooo excited to have figured out a little measuring and elastic length when, everything went down. I am a self-taught sewer and haven't even followed a pattern yet, so I am thinking this is the problem. I googled and read for an hour, and nothing helped me figure out what's happening. 

So I guess I'm going to lug my machine to the local sew room and figure it out with supervision. Wish  me luck!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

EtsyKids Team Member Highlight #2

I can't help but window shop on etsy...I look for the same shit all the time -- handmade dresses for little girls, paintings of NYC, jewelry made out of unique stones and food (yes, food!). And once in a while, I'm totally floored by the unique and inspirational designs that some of these crafty folk are conjuring up.

This highlight goes straight to a member of the EtsyKids team: Momma Fix
You can find handmade goodies (think diaper bags to slings, toddler tops to crib mobiles) that have a new twist -- patterns and colors that are completely unexpected. This top/dress is a delightful shape and colors that totally stand out from the crowd. And I know from experience how bulky and heavy diaper bags can be, but here is a great solution to lighten the load and not look frumpy -- Momma Fix diaper bags!

So go ahead, visit this shop, favorite some items and maybe buy a thing or two!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Inspiration Everywhere

Even on this damp, dreary June 3rd I can find some inspiration to design something  new and exciting. Yes, I was in a horrible slump for a few weeks --  not a thing sewn, glued or stamped. But with the kind words of a few friends, I sat back down and started drafting styles and goodies that I'm hoping will be the new wind in my sail.

Trapped inside, listening to the rain fall against the pipes I thought of how nice it would be to create a kingdom full of twirling princesses and glitter wands for my very bored little 4-year-old. And from that came the felt crowns -- and from the crowns will come more fairy wands. As I placed her new crown on her head (made a little ceremony to crown her, but little did she know I was really checking for size) I whispered in her ear that a princess carries great pressure to do good, and was she ready? Her smile was lopsided, and I could tell that little brain of hers was processing my big words. She turned, half hop-skipped out of the room and said "Yes, I can be good..." so I know my words were heard but in a preschoolers ears.

As the inspiration comes in forms of colors and shapes, I hope to take my ideas and really create something else -- a business. Keep our fingers crossed that this year and next my inspiration will become reality.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back in the saddle...

I took a mental break from crafting. Every time I sat at my table with some scraps and tried to "create" something, all that came out was a wad of blah. I also had zero inspiration coming my way. But a weekend away in Healdsburg, then a week of laying low and playing with the kids, gave me a few new ideas and the balls to take on some new assignments. I put the pony o's, barrettes and glue gun away and brought out the sewing machine, a few sheets of felt (and I really should buy the better stuff!) and bought a couple of cheap shirts at H&M, in hopes of reinventing my staple uniform.

And what came out of these new desires to create? A felt crown!! The stitching is awful and I left out a few steps, but it was a learning lesson and my daughter doesn't know the difference. She's been wearing this pink crown all morning -- and I couldn't be happier.

Next up? Actually making a dress for her from a real pattern...

No interfacing on this one, so a bit floppy -- but getting there! And this one is adjustable.

This one is stiff and holds great shape -- elastic back.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's It All Worth?

You want your kids to be happy, healthy, confident, funny, independent, interesting, well-liked...all of the above and more. But what if you surround them with the same mold of person, same smell, same look, same interests, same cars, same homes, clothing, food...and then find out your child is different, not fitting the mold of 90% of the people around you. What do you do? Do you move? Not if you can't afford it or are quite happy in your space. Do you switch schools? Not if you're doing the public route and are secured into your ridiculously expensive real estate spot. Do you try and teach them it's ok to be different? What if that leads to teasing, ridicule and feeling left out. Do you turn a blind eye? Not if you want your kid to get punched, depressed or angry. So what do you do?

Well, you can quiz your friends in other areas and ask if certain scenarios exist in their communities. You can research these topics online until your eyes bleed and your wrist hurts from scrolling. You can talk to friends who are transplants from other towns, cities and states. And if your answers are not what you want to hear? (Or what you thought you would hear and now feel pissed?)

So what do you do? What's it worth to you in the end? How much are you really committed to forming what your child will be -- or should be -- to avoid pitfalls and bullying, teasing and pain from other children. We all want to nurture our child, help them be the best that they can be. But what if you see that what they can and will be will be a struggle for them before that peak at college? How do you foster that with pride and happiness, knowing that before that pinnacle of success, there will be the torment of failing at sports, style and class?

Being a parent is a tortuous route of self discipline and example. But what's it all worth when you know the pain and hurt your child will suffer for not being spent from the same mold? I will fight for my children and protect each of them for anything in the world. But I can't help think -- how will they know what I know when they just don't know...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just A Little Crazy

Things haven't stopped moving on this treadmill called -- my family. I got my FIRST solo vacation in almost 3 years and am about to embark on my 2nd solo trip this weekend. Yeah yeah, thinking I've got the life, eh? Well, these are my first vacations with girlfriends in almost 7 years...All vacations have been with my darling husband or my adorable kids (said with a touch of sarcasm, alright!).

And just to sprinkle a little dust on it all, we've been dealing with allergies, ear infections (no, not the kids...ME!), workingman woes, elementary school BS and preschool scheduling. Sounds like your life?? Well, I'm just glad it's not only me...

But back to me being fabulous and getting some alone time....

The flight from CA to NYC is long for someone who hates to sit still for more than a 20-minute TV show, but the allure of getting through security ALONE, boarding a plane with no stroller or extra baggage and watching those miniscule TVs uninterrupted for 5 hours seemed like sheer bliss. How could such an annoying and nerve-racking venture seem to decadent? Easy! As a mom (SAHM or working) you get very little time to indulge your guilty pleasures for more than a drive from home to school or the ride to work. So yes, a flight somewhere, anywhere is something to take pleasure in. You can read your magazines, a few chapters in a book and even, be NAUGHTY and order an alcoholic beverage...

May is turning out to be a really wicked and crazy month. I got to go to NYC (where I realized I'll never be in my own skin unless I'm pounding the cracked, dirty and gum-littered pavement of The Big Apple) for a few days and now I'm heading to wine country with some of my lady friends. Yes, we'll be that annoying group of girls taking pictures, cheering each and every glass, wearing long dresses and bejeweled from head to toe. I'm having my FIRST My Little Nugget show and have been sewing bows, ripping apart fabric and turning them into rosettes and combining petals of flowers to create something new. My husband is heading to Vegas, with the boys, for what I'm sure will be a weekend I want to know nothing about.

In the end, the traveling and craziness made me realize -- it ain't so bad momma! Yeah, there are individuals I'd like to see disappear from my vision, there are nights I wish I could go out and rage, there are moments where I close my eyes and pretend that isn't a child hanging from my arm screaming bloody murder. But I'm lucky enough to have a partner in this life who needs me to be crazy, but in a happy and good way, and supports my decisions in trying to build a very strange business and get some R&R. I'm lucky to have kids who, that I adore, are healthy and happy.  So take a breath and try to indulge those crazy guilty pleasures you've been sweeping under the rug for so long...

Off to ballet...

Friday, April 29, 2011


Friday...the day I look forward to every Monday morning. Finally here. But Friday doesn't really mean much these days, just the launch of a weekend filled with birthday parties, baseball games and cleaning the house (yuck). For the lucky few there's a night out with friends, some amazing wine or beer, excellent food and if you're really blessed in the hip-parent genre, some dancing in a club where you sweat on the 'flo and share the potty with the boys.

Yeah, some weekends are like that for me, but they are far and few between. I feel like a 5-year-old at a cotton candy stand when I find out I'm going out -- not just for a movie and dinner, but a real night out. For some time now I've been happy getting out and having some breathing room. These days, I'm hungry for something more, a night of debauchery that includes a shot of something strong, a cocktail or 2 (not beer or wine) and dancing in the midst of strangers, shaking my tush and tossing my hair. I haven't done those things since my 20s, in NYC.

And what's wrong with wanting something more once in a while? Something racy, something spicy, something that reignites that loose, sexy and frivolous girl I once was? I hope you all have that moment to let go and have some fun beyond the big screen and pizza...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Can You Help ME Do This??

I've never done a giveaway on my blog, but getting the impression it's the "in" thing to do in the blogger world (oh my, how I never thought I'd type those words...). So I'm going to try and capitalize on this and see if people really do care about helping others out in the non-committal world that is the internet.

Help My Little Nuggets reach 400 fans on Facebook. Just comment on this thread that you're my friend on FB, then I'll randomly select one person to receive TWO rosette headbands (of my choice). Who doesn't want to be wearing these chic headbands around town this summer?? (Please do not respond if you don't, because that would be downright bitchy). Also, after this giveaway please don't unfriend me on FB (because that would be downright bitchy).

Now, don't try and pull a fast one either! I will go back to my FB page and make sure I see your name, so make sure you post a comment below with your store or name, if it's different than the one you use for blogging. to the races!

Monday, April 25, 2011

ETSY Store with a Fresh Twist

You know we've seen them and can make them -- and most of us put them on clippies and pins. But I came across a fresh concept on how to use burnt-edged flowers that was so new, so different, I couldn't help but share this discovery...

Check out amborela -- one of my favorite stores to window shop on etsy.  Look at the smart and gentle way these little singed flowers are used in Speckled Robbin Egg Flowers.  Peach Pink Blossoms would be a gorgeous piece of art in any little girls room. The painting I covet the most -- since it would be an unbelievable addition to my living room -- is Hot Cocoa With Marshmallows Tree.

I'm sharing this store in hopes that it will bring inspiration and ideas to your art & crafting. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Great Adult to Toddler Tee Tut

I wish I could give myself all the credit for finding this amazingly easy, brilliant and adorable tutorial, but alas, I found it by following Craft Gossip (which, if you aren't already, follow this blog!). 

I bought a very basic, very cheap sewing machine a few months back and have used it to sew strips of fabric to make rosettes -- and 2 pillowcase dresses (but cheated, I used pillowcases b/c I'm afraid to sew a straight seam). No matter what, I can't sew a seam, but I'm not giving up.

Anyways, back to the point. Craft Gossip featured this unbelievable tutorial from The Mother Huddle -- it's how to repurpose an adult tee into an adorably ruched toddler tee. This tutorial seems easy enough for an extreme beginner, like myself and I think I will give myself a challenge for next week: make this shirt. How many of us have shirts we just won't wear again, for so many reasons (stains, too small, too big, that coral-pink color was pretty in the store, but...) and what better way to use them? Just a snip here, stitch there and your toddler will have a unique and hip shirt.

Which leads me to a random thought, I may start a personal challenge page on My Little Nuggets -- tracking the challenges I give myself -- and you! Email with the tutorial you're tackling and any documentation you have of facing off with it, and we'll start a little dialogue. Great way for all of us to test the waters and give feedback.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just. Can't. Do. It.

All day I have visions of ribbons and clippies bouncing around in my head. Every time I see a little girl with a headband on, and I realize "that's something I can do!" I get a little twinge in my belly -- like I missed out on an opportunity to get my brand out there. Do I jump out of the car while waiting in the carpool lane to hand the little girl my card -- "Give this to your momma!" -- and scare the sh*t out of her? When walking around town and I see a momma with her little princess, decked out in a giant bow, hand her my card and say "I have what you need lady, support handmade stuff"...

I have yet to take that giant leap toward marketing. I know how to do it, hell, that was sort of my job before SAHM stuff took over. But something holds me back, maybe I've been out of the game too long. I'm not shy. Not at all. But when it comes to self promotion (acknowledging it's my birthday to friends, announcing something self related) I have a really hard time. I don't want the disappointment in hoping for praise and getting none. Silly right? But it's what I deal with.

So my goal this summer? Get My Little Nuggets out there. Get a real website. Print real business cards. Have a cute display for whenever I need to display my stuff. Somehow this will all work out in the end. I hope...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Etsy Store I REALLY Like

After doing some window shopping (my new addiction? shopping the etsykids team list) I stumbled upon this sweet etsy shop:

The designs are unique -- totally unexpected. I mean, seriously, I'd love to see some little kid running around with a tee that had an "angry bird" applique on it. I'd give him or her some serious props at the playground.

And these Furry Bunny Tees are to die for. So if you need to do some shopping but you're stuck home with a snot-nose or a napping kid -- or just need a moment to satisfy that purchase problem, I'd go to The Sassy Seamstress and do it right...

My Pinked Out Treasury!

Had a few moments and compiled a pinked out treasury for some fellow etsy folks :) Please take a look!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another My Little Nuggets in an etsy treasury!

Something must be going my way -- 3 treasuries in 2 days :) Now, if someone would just buy something...

Check it out:

The curator has a great little store with some real beauties:

Snack Baggie Tutorial: My Favorite!

I'm over ziplock baggies. Seriously, if I ever have to buy another box made for a family with 18 children it will be too soon. I looked all over the web for a decent snack baggie tutorial. I really wanted a vinyl or seriously waterproof lining. After searching and searching...I found this gem on Check it out!

Cloth snack baggie tutorial:

Freaking Love This Tutorial! Fluffy Chiffon Skirt

OK, I now own a sewing machine and have yet to use it for anything other than making seams and ruching...But I found this tutorial on and am dying to try it. I even bought no-fray chiffon (and am now using to make chiffon rosettes!). Check it out!

My GOAL? Have this skirt completed by the end of June...

My Little Nuggets in another treasury

Check out this awesome treasury! 

Playing By The Rules

Crafting has always been this distant and unattainable medium for me -- and somehow I've come around to it and am enjoying it. It really sucks that my crafting time sometimes interferes with SAHM stuff or that I have to sit down and actually THINK after my kids have gone to bed. Or that I will actually chose my sewing machine over my husband & couch time. But that's the point of trying to get in touch with my creative side...

But the whole "perfect stitch in a straight line" and cutting a "perfect circle" still evades me. Following the rules and patterns that I see everywhere is intimidating -- and ultimately makes me think I'm not doing any of this right. Constantly questioning whether or not my stuff will hold up or look like a professional is absolutely draining. Wondering "will someone be disappointed if they get this item" or "what if a stitch comes out of this and the whole thing falls apart" has caused me a sense of insecurity over what I do. But how many of us have purchased that awesome top at H&M to find it falling apart after 2 washes, and H&M is doing mega business regardless.

This doesn't mean I don't take precious care of the items I make, it just means that that zigzag stitch on my new style of headband might be a little off -- but I like it because it makes it unique, it makes it mine and it makes it only yours. Your neighbor could buy the same piece from me and guarantee her's might just be a touch different, which means you can both wear it to the same Friday afternoon play date (and I HOPE there's a chilled bottle of wine there too...).

I hope that my handmade is better than your store made. I hope that you get my items and say "that's special and unique and I love it".

I just hope someone is reading this post...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Etsy Treasury April 19th

Check it out! One of My Little Nuggets was featured in an etsy treasury!

Here's a link to my store:

My First Post

What can I say, I'm adding to the overflowing ever-changing internet by adding my blog to the list. And I wonder, who will care what I have to write about, will anyone besides my family really read any of this? Who out there wants to know the cute & witty thing my very bossy and demanding little pink princess said today? Who wants to know if baseball practice was great or damaging? Who is going to read about my daily misgivings and misfortunes (or fortunes???) out here in the 'burbs of California?

Well, I guess you, yes you! The person sitting at their computer, searching for ideas, stories, rants, raves, reviews, jokes, drama...I just hope that what I have to say won't bore you to tears (or any tears for that matter). I think I'm starting this blog so I can recount my journey into the crafting world -- from the hands of a person who has known nothing but the typewriter, then a computer keyboard -- to chocolate play, spending ridiculous funds on stamps and paper and now, entering the world of sewing, glueing and ribbon.

So sit back and enjoy. I really have no idea what this blog may end up being -- but I know that I'm going to enjoy writing it.