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Saturday, December 10, 2011

i gots me a serger

I must be the luckiest girl in the world -- and I  have the best husband too. Today, I got my Hanukkah present. I think my  most favorite present ever in the history of receiving present. A Viking 200S serger. It's so cute. To top it off, I've had the past hour alone at home, going through all my patterns, scouring the internet for tutorials on fun things and I settled on an easy project: an infinity scarf, but done right. Serge the edges, braid it and finish the ends.

But my luck? My pre-threaded 3-stitch serger was NOT threaded correctly :( On my first practice stitch the needle snapped right in half. How can I explain the feeling that coursed through my body right at that moment? Picture this: You've been psyching yourself out for the best night ever. Your hair is perfect, your dress is so sparkly and awesome, eyeliner impeccable and then your babysitter never shows. That's the best way I could put it.

Now I have to wait until tomorrow (or whenever I have the time!!) to go back to Joann's and get some help on threading the serger. I opened the manual to do it alone,, I'm gonna need some help.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

i'm back -- and this time it's for real

I don't carve out time for ME. I do things as the day allows, and still I don't really see any part of it as doing something for ME. Writing used to be for me. Blogging seemed like the smart segway into doing something for ME again. But as life does it's thing, school events arise, so do colds and coughs, my husband travels and most of the routine is left to me, and sometimes I just absolutely get lazy.

But to kick-off my rejoining of things that make me happy, I dove into the underworld of the internet and googled the hell out of infinity scarf tutorials last night. I do not have the patience to strip my tees into dozens of pieces, organize into a cute little stringy scarf, then tie & sew. Nope. I wanted a scarf tonight, before dinner. I do plan to rip apart some shirts tomorrow and take the patience pill and make a few other styles, but for now, one little shirt would do. Here's my story...

One shirt, size Medium (8/10), rotary cutter

I trimmed off the bottom hem of the shirt. Then, I cut straight across the shirt from right under the arm pits. Now you have a big tube.

And streeeeettttcchhhh....I used my foot so I could also take a picture.

And loop around! Of course, had I thought of this earlier, I'd have sewn both long sides together, maybe even braided it with a white or navy shirt. I satisfied my long hiatus from making something for myself in 5 minutes.