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What You Need to Know

Everyone writes up these insanely long dialogues of who they are, what they are and what inspires them. I, my friends, shall do the same ;)

I'm a SAHM (and if you don't already know what that stand for, then skip) of 2 insanely cute kids -- maybe not as cute as your -- but to me they are absolute gems. My son is 7 and my daughter is 4. I have a BOY and a GIRL, straight from the shoot they were MALE and FEMALE. Any crunchy west coast parent (or wherever you are) out there reading this who disagrees with genderizing and princessing and diggin in the dirt then stop reading my blog. Now. Please.

My son gravitated toward balls, trucks and grossness before he could even climb out of a stroller and go for it himself. He is not a jock or even rough-n-tumble, but the kid is a boy. Legos, taking apart everything, bugs, sharks, blue and swords rule his world. He's an avid reader, which warms me from top to bottom. And -- he's a great artist. He keeps a journal (with a lock & key) near his bed and writes down his dreams, ideas, days and draws the creatures of his imagination (and gives them names!).

My daughter saw pink and a princess for the first time and was hooked (even though I tried, my dear did I try, to prevent that) -- I even forbid anyone from calling her princess as a newborn! Every tiara that was gift wrapped and handed to me, I stashed in a closet. But, alas, she's a pinkalicious princess through and through. Jewelry, makeup, shoes and "summer dresses" fill her days. Am I disturbed? Not at all.She's got shoulders on her and I fear for anyone who tries to get in her way -- now or as an adult.

My husband. What can I say? We've been together for many years (I was 19 when we met). He's handsome, funny, smart, paranoid, germaphobic, balances our check book like a hero, makes incredible breakfast sandwiches, and has a smile to knock you out. I'll leave it at that.

And me? I'm a girl who grew up in Florida, moved to NYC and then to California. In between I found NYC and can't believe I ever lived there or that I ever left. Or that I may never go back...I'm a girl who lived in a city that changed the way I dress, eat, sleep and live. Each corner has something I hold dear. Each day that goes by I think, "should I go back" or "how could I live there again"?? Let's see if CA leaves the same mark...