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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Damn Sewing Machine!

Last night I almost threw my sewing machine out the window. I have been over it -- bobbin is in right, tension is right...blah blah blah. But no matter what, when I backstitch (in any stitch) then make a few more stitches, the damn thread catches on the bottom (bobbin part) and everything gets stuck. ARGH! 

During a quiet time last night -- kids in bed, husband traveling, full glass of wine -- I figured out how to make some very cute adult headbands. I was soooo excited to have figured out a little measuring and elastic length when, everything went down. I am a self-taught sewer and haven't even followed a pattern yet, so I am thinking this is the problem. I googled and read for an hour, and nothing helped me figure out what's happening. 

So I guess I'm going to lug my machine to the local sew room and figure it out with supervision. Wish  me luck!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

EtsyKids Team Member Highlight #2

I can't help but window shop on etsy...I look for the same shit all the time -- handmade dresses for little girls, paintings of NYC, jewelry made out of unique stones and food (yes, food!). And once in a while, I'm totally floored by the unique and inspirational designs that some of these crafty folk are conjuring up.

This highlight goes straight to a member of the EtsyKids team: Momma Fix
You can find handmade goodies (think diaper bags to slings, toddler tops to crib mobiles) that have a new twist -- patterns and colors that are completely unexpected. This top/dress is a delightful shape and colors that totally stand out from the crowd. And I know from experience how bulky and heavy diaper bags can be, but here is a great solution to lighten the load and not look frumpy -- Momma Fix diaper bags!

So go ahead, visit this shop, favorite some items and maybe buy a thing or two!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Inspiration Everywhere

Even on this damp, dreary June 3rd I can find some inspiration to design something  new and exciting. Yes, I was in a horrible slump for a few weeks --  not a thing sewn, glued or stamped. But with the kind words of a few friends, I sat back down and started drafting styles and goodies that I'm hoping will be the new wind in my sail.

Trapped inside, listening to the rain fall against the pipes I thought of how nice it would be to create a kingdom full of twirling princesses and glitter wands for my very bored little 4-year-old. And from that came the felt crowns -- and from the crowns will come more fairy wands. As I placed her new crown on her head (made a little ceremony to crown her, but little did she know I was really checking for size) I whispered in her ear that a princess carries great pressure to do good, and was she ready? Her smile was lopsided, and I could tell that little brain of hers was processing my big words. She turned, half hop-skipped out of the room and said "Yes, I can be good..." so I know my words were heard but in a preschoolers ears.

As the inspiration comes in forms of colors and shapes, I hope to take my ideas and really create something else -- a business. Keep our fingers crossed that this year and next my inspiration will become reality.