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Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Project #1: Sidewalk Chalk!

The summer has gone by without a single homemade family project! Last summer, we made playdough, fake snow, candy, cookies, gnocchi and a few other items I can't remember :(

So last night I went online and did some searching -- what could be easy and fast, and the kids didn't have to handle anything on the stove?? Sidewalk chalk! This is a ridiculously easy project and allows for room to explore the house, hands and colors.

Once the chalk dries (which should be tomorrow!) I'll photograph the final touches and post a tutorial. Hope you finish off summer with sidewalk chalk...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Etsykids Team Member Highlight #3: mindysinstitches

To kick off my blog posting -- once again -- I'm going to highlight a lovely etsykids member: mindysinstitches

Mindy's In-Stitches skirts are full of color and look like something that would twirl all day long. The belts are so fun and a refreshing break from the expected "bow belt" that you find on most handmade skirts. So please, take the time to check out mindysinstitches and favorite a few of her items. My favorite? The aqua and pink twirl skirt ;)

Summer has been a bummer :(

Many parents can't wait for the summer to start -- easy mornings, slow afternoons, BBQ dinners and delicious desserts, cocktails on the patio -- but alas, our summer has been everything but that. We've had a virus, allergy attack, canceled travel plans and more. With everything going on, My Little Nuggets has been left to the wayside, which pains me more than you can imagine.

But I'm back and hopefully have a better handle on my timing. With school starting just a few weeks away & chairing a large family fundraiser at our school, I'm hoping to post at least once a day.

Pretty soon I'll be documenting my first tutorial. Wish me luck! (I seem to ask for that a lot these days...)