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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's way

The hype surrounding Valentine's Day really gives me the willies, and not the good kind. This Hallmark Holiday has taken over the U.S. and it screams "spend more money on items that are priced too high and will be forgotten in drawers, dumped in a garbage or consumed to the point of nausea!!"

Yes, I attempted a Valentine's Day frock my girly nugget and yes, it came out backwards, uneven and wrong -- should've seen the writing on the wall, eh? But I made it for her, because I love her and wanted to see her smile...NOT because the VDY bug bit me. I do things for the people I love all the time -- why should it be concentrated into one big day of pepto pink? Why? Because marketing, advertising and media vomit this stuff onto us and we eat. it. up. 

And I should of this week, I'm scouring the internet for jobs in marketing, advertising and media. The time has come, and not by choice, to join the drones. "Why so negative?" you might ask! I truly love my job -- mothering. I use my working-day skills to manage my home -- from dawn to dusk and all the hours in between -- and see absolutely nothing wrong with that (except the sucks). My love for words is used daily -- I teach my kids the definitions of everything -- and my daughter is learning to say all her body parts in spanish. My obsession with reading -- even though I'm not reading much these days -- is revisited every evening as my son and I devour books from my youth (James and the Giant Peach right now...). 

Because I love my family so much, because I must be stronger than I am right now, I am out there searching for a job with a salary. Mommyhood just ain't gonna cut it right now. My hopes are high that the same technique I've been using for 8 years to serve my family right, will serve some other employer. 

Anyone need a writer, editor, researcher or proofreader????

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