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Friday, February 17, 2012

left overs and decisions

Decisions are never easy -- well, maybe for some. Last night in our home, decision making came to a head with the same results -- totally awesome. It was a long road for two of us but in the end, we were both content. 

To start, I had to decide on what to make for dindin. Left over chicken was out and I had no more matzoh ball soup. My cold was making its way into my chest, which felt weighted by anchors. I gathered up my cooking resolve, dug out the left over risotto and made arancini! Um...delish!  
Flour, eggs, bread crumbs and mozzerella... 

Cooling...well not really, because you gotta eat these puppies warm. The cheesy goodness in the middle is worth the burnt tongue.

And all this time, while I'm working away, avoiding getting splatter burns from the oil, my daughter and I are discussing her upcoming 5th birthday (at the end of March). There are a few choices on the table, all which need to fall within a very strict budget. Have you ever watched a preschooler try to make a decision that involves her very own happiness and needs? This was like asking a grown up to decide between the Ferrari or Porsche...

She didn't know what the right choice was and wanted me to decide. I told her I would, but wanted her honest input. Her main concern? With tears streaming down her face, she asked, "Mommy, what if I'm not happy with my choice and my friends don't like my party?" Explaining that a party is a party, and unless you're a sour puss of all sorts, dislike sugar, pink, jumping, music and well, the birthday girl, then everyone has a good time at a party.

We ended up calling Kika (my sister) and Wizzy (my mom) for advice. And with some sweet family talk, my little struggler confidently declared her decision. Tears were cleaned up off those delectable cheeks and a pillow fight with her brother entailed. 

Party on...

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