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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

lilygiggle poppy tunic REVISITED

With a fantastic bag of old tees (thank you hubs for cleaning out your drawers...) sitting in the garage, I felt that one of my favorite sewing patterns needed to be revisited. This time, with a clear head and a few little tweaks, I turned out on of my favorite patterns in just 60 minutes! Yup, another rendition of the lilygiggle Poppy Bubble Tank Tunic.

I knew I did not have the right amount of elastic to bubble up the skirt, and I also wanted to hone my seaming skills. I've noticed that ruffling a skirt and attaching to a bodice or waistband has been a bit of challenge...getting the seam allowance correct still baffles me. So, instead of allowing the cute seam to show, I sewed it behind the bodice bottom. Again, this pattern fits my little lady SO well, and I get to reuse tees vs using up yardage. 

Take a peek...

Pink ric rac instead of a ruffle.

 Rolled hem...not bubble this time. 

Love this face...

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