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Thursday, February 23, 2012

fleeting moments

We had some company over this past weekend. Hamburgers, hot dogs, juice boxes and a few beers. All of this flurry of activity was happening -- kids running in and out of the house, voices coming from the kitchen, living room, backyard. And at some point, my momma ears picked out a little sound coming from my daughter's bedroom...the sound of a giant princess piano/vanity being played with. Quietly, I slipped out of a conversation, snatched up the Canon and tiptoed down the hall to the room of pink.

These moments will be over soon. I know this, my son is almost 9 now...

And I know there are so many parents out there that don't want to "genderize" their children, withhold pink and princess...

But she loved this stuff out the shoot, and I'll deny her nothing these days. 

Because soon they will be into other stuff (it's a head set made from Bionicle pieces)


 And those eyes will be big, and so will the smile...and ideas become so grand...

 They get so big so fast.

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